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Watch Floyd discuss his campaign on Fox and Friends! As a seasoned Navy SEAL, Floyd has served this country honorably. He will use his zeal for this nation to the benefit of Texas-32. Find out what he’s all about – watch now!

Floyd McLendon served as a Navy SEAL (retired). Now he wants to serve you in Congress.

Floyd McLendon spent 25 years in the US Naval service, 15 of those as a Navy SEAL. During his Naval service, Floyd was deployed five times with presence in more than 20 countries, including two combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. With the end of his Naval service in sight, Floyd sought the next opportunity to serve our country and saw a dysfunctional Congress with the desperate need for servant leadership. Floyd is a Christian conservative outsider who’s running for Congress to bring servant leadership back to DC and finally deliver on cutting taxes, limiting government, and securing the border.

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Texas’ 32nd Congressional District

Texas’s 32nd district of the United States House of Representatives serves a suburban area of northeastern Dallas County, Texas. The district was created after the 2000 census when Texas went from 30 seats to 32 seats. It was then modified in 2011 after the 2010 United States Census.