Meet Floyd McLendon

For 25 years, Floyd McLendon honorably served in the greatest, naval military in the world. He enlisted into the United States Naval Reserve in the summer of 1992. Fourteen months later, he fully committed to Active Duty service and chose Electronic’s Technician (ET) “A” School to become a radar and satellite communication’s expert. After six years of naval service, Floyd contemplated a long-term career and the impact he was making.

With his family, friends, and fellow Americans in mind, Floyd decided to undertake the most grueling and difficult goal of his life: becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL. There was just one problem: Floyd didn’t know how to swim. He didn’t let that stop him. After teaching himself how to swim and months of non-stop, intense preparation, he was proficient enough to pass the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Physical Screening Test.

Suffering from an internal injury that caused him to lose 30 lbs., Floyd rang the bell during his first attempt of Hell Week, voluntarily quitting. Fifteen months later, faced with a daunting decision to follow through with his goal, Floyd remembered being a positive representative for his family, friends, and fellow Americans and returned to BUD/S. Three years after voluntarily quitting, Floyd graduated with BUD/S Class 254, officially becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL. He spent the next 13 years at four, different Naval Special Warfare commands. Over the course of his Naval service he deployed five times, with presence in twenty-four countries over five continents, including two combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Throughout Floyd’s travels and experiences, he was held accountable and pushed to grow by his Naval Special Warfare community. Floyd believes members of Congress, who swore an oath to faithfully serve their constituents, are not being held accountable to their oath. Our electoral system has allowed career politicians to say one thing at home and another in Washington, while their constituents suffer from ever-growing taxes and less jobs. Floyd sees a desperate need for new, service leadership in Congress that puts Americans first and is not afraid to stand up for what they believe.

Floyd has been accountable to his SEAL brothers in some of the most godforsaken war zones on the planet, sharpened his leadership skills in life and death situations, and dedicated his life in service to our great country, defending us from enemies foreign and domestic. He will bring his service-minded leadership and invaluable experience to District 04 as their next Texas Congressman.

Since retiring from Naval Service, Floyd has traveled the country speaking professionally and is a published author. He is steadfast in his Christian faith, a devoted husband to Melinda, and committed father to their four children Trenton, Tanner, Ty, and Keylen.

Floyd believes we need to get government out of the way so Americans have the opportunity to prosper, and the free market is the best way to achieve prosperity. He believes in the American dream, and that politicians need to be held accountable. He believes we must fight for and protect our constitutional freedoms, so the next generation can do the same.

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