Here’s where Floyd stands on the Issues

The crisis at our southern border is real, whether Democrats want to admit it or not. We have record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border on a daily basis, and a backlog of asylum cases with no end in sight. We’ve significantly failed to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws.

Congress has an obligation to the American people to provide for the common defense and end this never-ending, political blame game. It’s time for real leadership to take a stand and deliver increased border patrol officers, physical barriers where needed, and the most cutting edge technologies.

America remains the world’s superpower and the leader of the free world. We have a responsibility as such to lead on the global stage. There are many foreign policy issues that need America’s attention but Iran’s nuclearization is at the forefront of the Trump presidency.

I support President Trump’s maximum pressure approach on Iran, imposing sanctions designed to force them to the negotiating table. Their recent aggressions are simple signs the sanctions are working, and Iran will soon join America at the negotiating table. It is unequivocally in the best interest of America and the rest of the world for Iran to never obtain nuclear weapons.

North Korea
President Trump has made substantial progress in relations with the Kim Jong Un regime. Just this year, he became the first president in American history to cross the DMZ into North Korea. By so doing, President Trump established a lasting relationship with Mr. Kim, who used to be the most unstable and unpredictable dictator in the world. The North Koreans continue ongoing peace discussions with the South Koreans and the Trump administration should do everything it can to aid the development of this budding partnership.

Russia, under Vladimir Putin, continues to undermine our global influence and NATO allies. Putin bullies neighboring countries and rules Russia with an iron fist. He indoctrinates the Russian people with state run media, granting him complete freedom to disrupt our national security priorities.

Career politicians continue to stall border security in a never-ending, political, blame game. All the while, Mexican Cartels have monopolized control of the southern border and turned it into a multibillion-dollar industry smuggling people, drugs, and weapons into the United States. It’s time Congress fulfills its obligation to the American people and completely fund border security. That means increased border patrol officers, physical barriers, and the most, current technology.

We must continue to rebuild our military and invest in cutting edge technologies. China is increasing the size and capabilities of its military and will one day attempt to challenge us as a competing superpower. We must be prepared to defend ourselves against all Chinese advancements.

The economy is booming. Wages are up, unemployment is down, and the stock market continues to break records. President Trump has unleashed the American economy by cutting taxes and slashing regulations, and we’re all benefitting from it. Black and Hispanic Americans are seeing record lows in unemployment. Corporations are reinvesting back into the American economy, creating tens of thousands of new jobs.

We must continue to implement policies that encourage corporations to reinvest their profits at home, entrepreneurs to start their next business, and small business owners to hire more staff. Lowering taxes, cutting regulations, and allowing the free market to roar has been the recipe for Texas’ success, and that’s exactly the approach I’ll take in Congress.

Texas’ energy industry is among the most robust in the world. We’ve pioneered cutting edge technologies that have helped deliver energy independence to the United States. While Democrats continue to play politics with people’s lives, we need a competent, market-focused approach to energy.

The Democrats’ Green New Deal would bankrupt the country, kill millions of jobs in the transportation industry, and cost trillions more than our entire national budget. It would vastly expand government and lead us down a path to socialism.

Rather than destroy our economy, Congress should encourage innovation and advancement in the energy sector by cutting regulations and providing a competitive business climate. With a growing energy sector, the great State of Texas and our Nation will see thousands of new jobs and GDP growth.

Our veterans deserve the best healthcare, but they’re NOT receiving it. It is a gross oversight by Congress not to provide the best care to our veterans, especially in the face of veteran suicide rates that are more than double the civilian population. It’s time we provide comprehensive healthcare for our veterans and this starts with reprioritizing spending, privatizing evaluation services, and addressing poor management within the Veteran Affair’s Healthcare System.

As a former Navy SEAL, I understand firsthand the importance of firearm ownership. Good guys with guns keep bad guys with guns in check. While Democrats, who refer to an AR-15 as an “assault rifle”, continue to play politics with the 2nd Amendment, I will always stand firm on this foundational freedom. The 2nd Amendment is clear: shall not be infringed. I will always fight to ensure our right to keep and bear arms is protected.

Freedom of speech is foundational to who we are as a nation. We cannot allow liberal’s sensitivities to cloud policy decisions. Safe spaces have no place on a college campus. College campuses should be a bastion for the free expression and exchange of ideas.

In March 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order enforcing free speech protections on college campuses. This sent a clear message to public universities to do their job defending the 1st Amendment. However, the fight doesn’t end there. We must always stay vigilant against liberal attempts to indoctrinate and monopolize speech on college campuses.

We’re in a fight for America’s future and religious liberty is at the forefront. I will always fight to protect our freedom of religion and the right of Americans to practice their faith without persecution.

Liberal Democrats have pushed the boundaries of Roe v Wade to the extreme, with some states passing laws that allow abortions up until the moment of birth. I believe all life is created in the image of God and should be protected, from conception to natural death. I will always fight to give a voice to the voiceless and protect the unborn.

As a U.S. Navy SEAL, my Naval Special Warfare community worked closely with Israeli Special Forces on common goals to secure their region. As a member of Congress, I intend to echo these sentiments and continue to support the security of our strongest, ally in the Middle East.

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