Having served as a 25-year military veteran in the United States Navy, I know what it means to answer the call of duty. As a Navy SEAL, I know, first hand, how mental fortitude, humility, and servant leadership pulls people through the most difficult of times. The Texas’ 4th Congressional District has a gap in leadership, and I would be falling short of my oath to you and our country if I did not step up to serve as your future Congressman.

My mindset goes beyond where we rest our heads. I am focused on serving where I am most needed, rooted in my love and sacrifice for our country, for the American people, for you. District 4 needs a strong leader, with proven effective communication, teamwork, and hard decision-making skills. They need representation that believes, to the core, that the American people have a right to prosper under a government that is held accountable every step of the way.

If Congressional District 4 would allow me, I’d be honored and proud to take up the mantle and represent their call for lower taxes, limited government, and a more secure nation. America has a responsibility to be a leader on the global stage, and I would like to use my national status and my role as your Congressman to make District 4 a respected forerunner representing America’s First Agenda.